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We are a travel club that makes affordable travel and leisure products accessible for any person who is currently working. Currently there exists a habit of saving money on various social clubs or stokvel and traditional methods (bulk buying power, industry contacts, time share etc.)

With Asambe, the Travel club this practice is formalized through a membership program, which emphasises better lifestyle and travel. Through a voucher/ point driven pre-payment facility, Asambe the Travel club has enabled access to all regular income earning South Africans to travel, enjoy leisure activities and general lifestyle products and services. While the company aims its products at areas of essential need for development and growth, it structures them in such a way that people aspire to indeed join the club as card carrying members.

Join the Travel club now and start paying for your holiday. You simply put away a fixed amount of money every month, which will be translated into points. How much you put away depends on how much you can afford and on the type of holiday you would like.