Sindy’s comeback

It feels great to be back and those who are loyal to my blog worry not I’m back to stay. I know you probably think I was having thee time of my life sipping champagne and relaxing on some beach or private Lodge. Unfortunately not, in between studying, a retail job, travel and not forgetting [...]

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We as Asambe apologies to our weekly blog readers for the past 2/3 weeks as Sindy has not been able to bring you her weekly blog. She is back and promise you a great blog as of this Thursday.

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Spring has sprung, let the festivities begin

I know how everyone is fond of spring and its warm weather. I on the other hand resent it as it’s the season I get ill the most, if it isn’t sinuses it’s probably allergies. Besides that it’s the season when most of your popular annual music festivals are hosted. So since I’ve got a [...]

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Birthday day dreaming till it’s reality

The patience of waiting for December is really not so great cause I’m saving for my birthday weekend away. Anyway I’m thinking between Clarens and Xhariep with a few close friends. I think I’ll go for Xhariep, no specific reason random choice. Now to research what the place is about. So I have googled a [...]

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The mountain kingdom, Lesotho

So I haven’t travelled in a while but only because I’m saving my Asambe points for my birthday in Summer. It’s an ordinary Sunday we at the local carwash with friends and then there is something mentioned about going to Lesotho the following the weekend. Ok sounds interesting but not really discussed in full details. [...]

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Memoirs of a traveler who still wants to cross African boarders

I’ve had the best times and met the most amazing people but there are a few moments that won’t mentioned. Some definitely sweet and others a bit bitter, yes I said bitter. You probably wonder why such beautifully narrated stories would have something bitter within. Well believe it or not even during your happiest moments, [...]

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Adventure, starts when you leave the comfort zone

Fast forward to September 2013, it’s time to go on the holiday we’ve been saving religiously for. We chose to hire a car and drive for about 700ks but what’s 7 hours between best friends stopping for selfies & playing all the sing along music you can think of. I had one last shift that [...]

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Plan that trip, go explore…

  So I just got back from Sun City and the Easter break is almost over, it’s back to my reality of being a student and a shop assistant at a retail store. Hardly a week back into my everyday routine and I can already imagine myself strolling on the beach for my next adventure. [...]

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There’s a first for everything

See I’ve gotten so used to going everywhere with my best friend that most of our plans were done together. We approaching the Easter holidays and we had plans to go to Durban until she pulled out last minute. Fortunately I still had adequate time to change my plans all together. Travelling with loved ones [...]

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Hitch hiking to Joburg

So I remember how mentioned how I met my best friend on the previous blog, we eventually moved in together throughout my varsity years. Fast forward to a few months together and saving for every possible social event. One Friday afternoon after a week of trying to get VIP tickets to one of the biggest [...]

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