Hitch hiking to Joburg

So I remember how mentioned how I met my best friend on the previous blog, we eventually moved in together throughout my varsity years. Fast forward to a few months together and saving for every possible social event. One Friday afternoon after a week of trying to get VIP tickets to one of the biggest annual parties in Johannesburg, I walked in from class to news that we finally got our tickets.

Since everything was now last minute as we had no hope of getting tickets. The trip became such a mess beautiful even if I say so myself, last minute calls to book a guest house, flights were fully booked and the bus was not the quickest mode of transport considering our schedule. After a few calls we found a friend who’s driving to Welkom so it made sense to get halfway there. Got there around 5pm to our disappointment the last taxi to Johannesburg has left. Last option, hitch hiking and having faith we get the quickest ride. We get to the hiking spot and several cars just pass by. As we about to give up a white Volkswagen pulls over, two guys and another lady also heading to the same event that caused us all the havoc of last minute travelling. We all excited and conversation is so easy to make, we made a pit stop in Kroonstad for some snacks and drinks. By the time we arrived in Johannesburg, we had made new friends. We ended up not going to the event but instead had a little intimate party with the people who gave us a lift.

Then again the best times are not about having VIP to the best events, dressing in your best clothes but rather creating genuine memories even with complete strangers. Live in the moment, be spontaneous and enjoy every second. I’ve seen a lot and been around but there’s always a new destination waiting, Asambe.

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