How I fell in love in with travel

I remember how like most people travelling and holidays was mainly done in December. It was the traditional Durban & Cape Town and with family. Yes it was fun but it was becoming routine, to a point where I would actually just stay behind.

I’ve always been a free spirit and risk taker, my first trip without family was with friends I met and two days later within meeting invited me to their holiday. I agreed and man I had the best time. We were visiting their family farm in Virginia, a small town in the Free-State. It was amazing, located where the Tikwe River flows the activities and views were just as breath taking. We arrived on a Thursday evening, since most activities were for daytime we just had a braai and a few drinks. The real fun commenced on the Friday, having an outdoor breakfast enjoying nature before get busy for the day. I tried something for the first time that day after breakfast, we went river rafting and bear in mind at that time I couldn’t even swim cause of my fear of water. That experience alone took away the fear and now I have become something close to a fish. After the river rafting there was quad biking and fishing for supper. Saturday we did nothing much but laze around the farm, with conversations that are funny and heartfelt. That was probably my favourite not that I didn’t enjoy the other days but that’s how the friendship grows.

On Sunday when it was time to go home, I had such a bond with the new friends on the trip you would swear we have known each other for years. I made a best friend out of that trip and that’s when the desire to travel started. I thoroughly enjoyed being on a farm where the cell phone reception is bad you get woken up by the chickens in the morning. From then I knew that travel was about to become the love of my life.

This is just the tip of the ice berg of my travel chronicles, do come back to hear more on my great trips, those that went incredibly wrong and the ones in the pipeline. Asambe

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