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How It Works


Join Asambe travel club now and start paying for your holiday. You simply put away a fixed amount of money every month, which will be translated into points. How much you put away depends on how much you can afford and on the type of holiday you would like. You can save from as little as R200.00 a month, but it’s up to you as to how much you will want to contribute each month.

Once you have saved enough points to go on holiday, you will be able to redeem these points for a holiday of your choice, with no extra hidden costs. As a member of Asambe you will also receive discount rates from the service providers, through arrangements made for you by our organisation.

As a member you will also regularly receive our newsletter. You sign up for it or receive it via post mail. You will also have access to discount vouchers, when they are available. You also will get the best rates available from the various service providers.

Member of Asambe Travel club might have to top up at the time of travel, should their points be insufficient for the holiday of their choice. So, to ensure you get to go on the holiday of your choice, you should try to get as many points as you can throughout the year.