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Join today and start saving for your holiday. The benefits you get from joining Asambe the travel club is that, once you have accumulated enough points for a trip you can redeem your points for a holiday with no extra hidden costs.

You don’t have to worry about all the arrangements for your holiday because Asambe will be taking care of it for you, plus you are introduced to new destinations through our trips that we have annually. You also get the best preferential rates from travel and leisure service providers. So what are you waiting for? JOIN NOW.

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Mamokete Morake

“The time flew and my son’s birthday is in November the 23rd didn’t know what to do, I thought of my savings from Asambe Travel Club and gave them a call they definitely told me to give them my details and I must choose a place I only bought a cake to the party and he invited his friends and family….WOW!!! We really enjoyed ourselves at Emerald Aquadome and restaurant…games…iyhooo!!!!! Kind Regards Mamokete Morake

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