There’s a first for everything

See I’ve gotten so used to going everywhere with my best friend that most of our plans were done together. We approaching the Easter holidays and we had plans to go to Durban until she pulled out last minute. Fortunately I still had adequate time to change my plans all together.

Travelling with loved ones is always more blissful and sentimental. I started looking up ideas and I came across Sun City. I remember my nerves when I was dropped off at the airport in Bloemfontein, mind you I have never been on a plane before and I’m going on an actual holiday alone. Fast forward to me arriving in Johannesburg, a friend picked me up at the airport and dropped me off at the bus station. The real hassle began when I actually arrived in Rustenburg, with no knowledge of the place whatsoever. The bus has dropped me off at a petrol station, for a moment I stood there with regret. I them remembered colleague of mine who was originally from the place and guess what, she was in town.

We drove a few kilometres from town to one of the most beautiful hotels I have come across, The Royal Marang Hotel. Yes it was never part of the plan but my colleague insisted we have lunch there. We later drove to Sun City and she dropped me off promising to join me the following day (which she did not but oh well). I literally checked in and off I went to explore, it was just after 6pm so I couldn’t do much besides check what their night life is about. There I was thinking I am about to have the worst experience but little did I know how much I would actually enjoy myself. From the valley of waves to the wild life, pure bliss I tell you.

So don’t cancel because your friends dropped you last minute or you visiting foreign land. Bear in mind there are always new friendships to be made, better yet old ones to be rekindled and who knows what your destination holds. Be bold, plan that trip and go with or without company. Asambe.

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