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So I just got back from Sun City and the Easter break is almost over, it’s back to my reality of being a student and a shop assistant at a retail store. Hardly a week back into my everyday routine and I can already imagine myself strolling on the beach for my next adventure.

Problem is my budget and poor planning will not allow me, besides I only had two and a half months to save and plan for this. I had to compromise and save for the spring holiday. I have two days to spare before I actually get back to work and school. My best friend is also back from her family home and I tell her how amazing my mini vacation in Sun City was. She suggested we plan the next one for winter but I knew how reckless I can be with money, that’s when she introduced me to Asambe Travel Club. I loved the concept and it made so much sense seeing that how we love leaving everything to the last minute with limited finances.

So we decided to go to a place we’ve really never explored it was between Mpumalanga and Port Elizabeth. Winter was impossible because we wouldn’t have enough money saved so we stuck to my original plan of spring. I spent my free time on search engines finding out more about these places. I fell in love with the all the different sites Mpumalanga had to offer but I am more of a beach day & cocktails kind of girl. We had to choose between sipping on cocktails and morning strolls on the beach in Port Elizabeth or waking up to the view of wild life on some game farm in Mpumalanga. After weighing our options Mpumalanga it was, we agreed we needed to do something new.

I’ve always known I love travelling but this was becoming part of my being. From the unplanned invites from friends to me planning my next trip to the T. I felt at ease on the road, loved capturing every moment & just the experience of a different environment. So find a travel partner or travel alone, book that flight and pack those bags. Trust me it feels like the first day of the rest of your life. Asambe

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