Adventure, starts when you leave the comfort zone

Fast forward to September 2013, it’s time to go on the holiday we’ve been saving religiously for. We chose to hire a car and drive for about 700ks but what’s 7 hours between best friends stopping for selfies & playing all the sing along music you can think of. I had one last shift that morning but fortunately one of the ladies at the store offered to take it for me.
This time unlike most of our trips, every detail is sorted. We hit the road at around 8am hoping to arrive just before 3pm, “No stupid stops, I want to see the sunset” I say as we depart. Funny enough the journey towards the destination is usually short and vague. Before I knew it we were past Johannesburg, approaching Mpumalanga. Little did we know the lodge we booked is another two hour drive from the actual entrance of Mpumalanga.
Finally we arrive, check in and we just on time for dinner. The drive was tiring but absolutely worth it, this place is breathtakingly beautiful. We wanted more than a weekend away so we got there on Wednesday, not much activity around that time so we just eat and go rest. Woken up by the best view of the sunrise today was filled with so much to do, first things first breakfast then a hike with the other guests. Walking through the trees, the sound of the birds and just the way the air feels fresher than in the city. Mind you I bet we the most unfit people amongst our group but we were so eager to do it. Back from the hike, looking like kids who lost their favourite toys. We went to check the spa facilities and fortunately they had space for us mind you we said we would do the spa on our last day. The next few days included game drives, sight seeing and driving around looking for a night club with much fail, nothing that we would go to.
Mpumalanga was surely a different and warm experience, made me (don’t know bout bestie) that fun is not always loud music, disco lights and bottomless champagne. For the first time I returned home refreshed instead of tired. Go out your comfort zone and you could discover your new love. Asambe

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