Memoirs of a traveler who still wants to cross African boarders

I’ve had the best times and met the most amazing people but there are a few moments that won’t mentioned. Some definitely sweet and others a bit bitter, yes I said bitter. You probably wonder why such beautifully narrated stories would have something bitter within. Well believe it or not even during your happiest moments, unforeseen things happen.
Though it was nothing life threatening or that would ever change my mind regarding travelling, just a few red flags I never thought I would come across. See the past few months have been nothing short of amazing, from the farm in the small town of Virginia to the 5star game lodge somewhere in the bundus of Mpumalanga. Throughout all those trips the one problem we kept acquiring was lack of proper planning. This led to a lot of unnecessary misunderstandings especially financially and regarding arrangements. A piece of free advice though, when travelling with friends talk about money. It is important, to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. This is the reason why I joined Asambe, it made travel arrangements a bit more convenient. Yes travel seems expensive, I have learnt over the past few months that it actually isn’t. Precise planning will get you everywhere you want to go. For now I’m on a break but I see myself by the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe or maybe strolling on the white sands of Mauritius. Sounds like one wild dream for a student who works as a casual at a retail store but with patience and Asambe it can be done.
If I could I’d leave everything and explore the world, collect memoirs and experience the different cultures. Unfortunately we don’t always get what we want but that also doesn’t mean it’s not possible. I’ve seen the most beautiful places in our country not all of them yet but believe when I say there is a sense of peace you get in foreign places. The kind you wouldn’t want to replace with anything because once the travel bug has got you it doesn’t let go. Asambe

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