Sindy’s comeback

It feels great to be back and those who are loyal to my blog worry not I’m back to stay. I know you probably think I was having thee time of my life sipping champagne and relaxing on some beach or private Lodge. Unfortunately not, in between studying, a retail job, travel and not forgetting trying to be the best blogger life can wear you out.

So during the break I took, I realized as humans we are impatient. That’s how you get weighed down by things like FOMO(fear of missing out). It’s not just that but a lot too, like me I joined Asambe Travel not realizing it required patience and other parts of my life were suffering. When I could be patient and save enough and in the meantime concentrate on studying and the job that pays my monthly Asambe fee instead. When the time comes to go exploring I could take my family with as well. Yes I love travelling by myself but breakdowns like mine make you want to make memories with loved ones.

I’m back to stay now, recovered and ready to share my dream destinations. Advice you on how to save with patience using Asambe Travel Club. I hope you ready for a new chapter with a wiser but still fun Sindy. Asambe I

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