Birthday day dreaming till it’s reality

The patience of waiting for December is really not so great cause I’m saving for my birthday weekend away. Anyway I’m thinking between Clarens and Xhariep with a few close friends. I think I’ll go for Xhariep, no specific reason random choice. Now to research what the place is about.
So I have googled a few places in the area and looks amazing. The accommodation choices and the activities that are available convinced me that I made the right choice. Now what’s left is to reserve accommodation and communicate with Asambe Travel to let them know about my trip. Here’s what I’m looking forward to in Xhariep, the accommodation I chose overlooks the damn. The activities include water rafting, fishing by the damn and fine dining at the de stjil five star hotel.
I know for sure I’m going to make it the best trip compared to my previous trips because hey man my birthday is so special, I’m going to go out my way to make it memorable not just for me but the friends that will be invited. We are going to make Xhariep look like the Maldives. Asambe

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