Spring has sprung, let the festivities begin

I know how everyone is fond of spring and its warm weather. I on the other hand resent it as it’s the season I get ill the most, if it isn’t sinuses it’s probably allergies. Besides that it’s the season when most of your popular annual music festivals are hosted. So since I’ve got a few friends who celebrate their birthday in September, almost every weekend has an event. Then there are your popular annual festivals like, spring fiesta, Hauwei Johannesburg day,macufe and major league gardens to name a few.
In between all those events like I mentioned a few friends are September babies, so its private parties and dinner parties. First one was of some guy friend who decided on a champagne party. It was fun until some people had too much champagne and fought but argh. Usually the ladies choose your fancy restaurants then after that we would probably decide if we still want to go clubbing or not. I won’t lie I don’t attend all the events; it gets tiring and it’s expensive. I personally am not a spring person but truth be told this season has to be the jolliest. Besides the music festivals and parties it’s also wedding & baby season but with friends like mine no one is in a hurry to either get married or have kids. So we spend our days at picnics discussing our dream destination holidays. Some sound insane they probably need the lottery but we dream till its reality.
I know dream holiday is Milan the fashion capital, all cause of my obsession with fashion. Sometimes we dream and reality gives you a slap in the face. Don’t let it, instead work smart & hard to prove yourself and reality it can be done. In the end it might be your best experience, travel brings growth. So consider these things they might be the beginning of the rest of your life. Asambe

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